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We are strong within the region

The PMI Berlin / Brandenburg Chapter is based in Berlin and covers the entire eastern
part of Germany.
This includes the postal code areas 01000 - 19999, 39000 - 39999 and 98000 - 99999.

Our Board
The Chapter Board leads the association on a voluntary and unsalaried basis and
promotes its further development. It is elected by the General Assembly.

Our members
Members of the association can participate in all events and activities of the association.
The membership enables the establishment of an exclusive network and the acquisition
of Professional Development Units (PDUs). Members thus contribute to the
development of standards for project work and the establishment of their profession.

Our Volunteers
Volunteers take on various tasks, such as the establishment of local groups, the
organization of events, the engagement as a speaker or coach, the development and
implementation of PR activities, or the project management of specific initiatives. The
work for the chapter is a voluntary and unsalaried activity.

Our Sponsors
Sponsors support the activities and promote the purposes of the association and thus
contribute to the establishment of the profession of Project Managers.

The work of the association is financed from three sources:
Members of the PMI Berlin / Brandenburg Chapter pay a small annual fee of currently $
25 in addition to the global PMI membership of the PMI. In addition, club chapter
activities are offered for a fee, especially for non-members. Sponsors support the
purposes of the association as part of the sponsorship program.

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