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Online Workshop: Projects in Latin America - Dos and Don´ts

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Chapters of Germany
27.08.2020 19:00 - 20:00
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The Event will be held in english!

Projects are our basic business. They don’t start only after contract signature; they start already in the acquisition phase...

To manage projects, we need to understand our environment, cultural, political, manage expectations with direct and indirect stakeholders. Specially in Latin America is a different communication then in Germany. You must be able to read between the lines and have information from different sources to understand the whole picture.

The corruption perception index this is a topic in Latin America. DB Engineering & Consulting has a very strict compliance system. However, it is recommended to be straight forward in the topic.

The different Project phases: acquisition, contract signature, execution and contract closing have their different challenges. Each phase, depending on the project type has its specialty and challenges. At the end, the project manager is the representative of the customer and the best channel for:

  • Delivering and excellent project
  • And generate follow-up business.

The Project Manager is the Business Card for every company!

Speaker: Carsten Puls, Executive Director Latin America of DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH in Bogotá


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